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Genius beats fear

There’s only one way to overcome fear.
Outsmart it.

CrossBorder Solutions is the global leader in technology-driven tax solutions. Our advanced AI tax expert can help your business move from the old ways to the new with greater clarity, efficiency and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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Meet Fiona.
Our advanced AI.

Our solutions operate at the intersection of human and machine intelligence. From our groundbreaking cloud-based software platform comes Fiona. Fiona is efficient, error exempt, hyper-fast, self-learning, and constantly adaptable – so you can navigate the complexities of tax with confidence.

Thousands of companies.
85% retention rate.

Since offering our obligation-free services to PepsiCo 20 years ago, we’ve provided global companies with our comprehensive, hyper-fast, accurate solutions to take the complexity and uncertainty out of tax.


Our Products

Icon Transfer Pricing
Transfer pricing

Old ways can't meet new demands

CrossBorder Solutions has transformed transfer pricing, delivering the compliance needed to address the global complexities of worldwide regulations with the help of AI technology. And we do it all more cost-effectively than the Big Four.

Icon R&D Tax Credit
R&D tax credit

A smarter approach. A fraction of the cost.

CrossBorder Solutions offers a more intelligent approach to claiming R&D tax credits with Fiona, our advanced AI tax expert. Fiona accurately calculates your R&D tax credit and prepares a report that documents the process, to maximize your credit opportunity at a fraction of the cost.


Smarter Thinking

Transfer Pricing
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Episode 97: The Biden Tax Plan and Its Effect on Low-Tax Jurisdictions

CrossBorder Solutions Director of International Tax Michael Desimone joins Chief Economist Mimi Song to discuss what the Biden administration's 'Made in America' tax plan has in store for MNEs, especially those with operations in low-tax jurisdictions.

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CrossBorder Solutions’ technology-driven expertise can streamline and transform your company’s approach to tax compliance. Request a demo to see how.