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Your technology-driven future

CrossBorder Solutions is the global leader in technology-driven tax solutions. From our groundbreaking cloud based software platform, we’ve created Fiona — the world’s most advanced AI Tax Expert

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The Know How Company

Our solutions are centered around the concept of HumAIn technology, which is a collaboration of AI and KNOW HOW. It is the intersection of human and machine intelligence designed to empower today’s tax professionals.

The result being—the world’s most powerful technology-driven tax expert, known as Fiona. She makes navigating tax unimaginably easy—she is efficient, error exempt, hyper fast, self-learning, and constantly adaptable.

Introducing the future of tax

Meet Fiona, your infallible AI tax expert

She knows everything there is to know about tax, and learns more as soon as there’s more to learn. Fiona gives you total control and total confidence.

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