We know that changing service providers is hard to do!

CrossBorder Solutions makes it easier than you might expect.

So we make it easy to fall in love with CrossBorder Solutions!

Our process for on-boarding new clients into our family.

1. Learn about us, learn about you

We’ll introduce you to CrossBorder Solutions and our unique, technology based transfer pricing approach. We want to learn about your basic fact pattern so that we can provide preliminary pricing and show you how much money you can save!

2. Understand the risk of audit and adjustments and how your company can protect itself

We’ll help you perform a global assessment and help you better understand the risks that your company faces in the jurisdictions where you have operations. We’ll also show you how our technology approach can insulate you simultaneously from transfer pricing adjustments and penalties worldwide.

3. Perform a gap analysis

Most, if not all of our clients, have produced past transfer pricing studies. At this stage, we’ll evaluate your past work product and let you know whether you are protected from audit and adjustments in each jurisdiction where you have operations. We’ll even issue you a written report that outlines our findings!

4. Proposal process

Now that you have a better understanding of our solution and we intimately know your fact pattern, we’ll issue a proposal on how we can produce localized reports that will protect you simultaneously from audit, penalties, and adjustments.

Get in touch with a consultant so we can start the process of falling in love