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Introducing the future of tax

Meet Fiona, your infallible AI tax expert

She knows everything there is to know about tax, and learns more as soon as there’s more to learn. Fiona gives you total control and total confidence.


Why Fiona is so special

Born from a single line of code

With Fiona by your side, you’ll have the world’s most advanced AI tax expert on hand to answer anything and everything, We call it humAIn technology.



Why we make so many friends

When we were starting 18 years ago, before we had a single client, we pitched to PepsiCo. They told us everything sounded great, but they couldn’t possibly buy from us – we were too small, too unknown! (How things change.)

So we told them we’d do all their compliance work for three months before they needed to pay, and that’s what we did. Then they became our first customer and the rest is history.

We still do this with every client. All you do is sign-up and we get to work! If after three months there are any problems, we simply part as friends.

That’s the way we do things here. It works.




Fiona and humAIn technology

Built to collaborate and complement,
Fiona’s primary goal is to empower tax professionals – she’s the AI that works
by your side and on your side. We call this powerful combination humAIn technology.




Check out the latest Fiona Show

Every week, Fiona is joined by leading tax experts to discuss current trends and issues. If you’re new to tax, or even if you’ve been around the international tax block, learn about the latest trends in the global regulatory environment and tax technology in one weekly podcast.

Listen to the Fiona Show

Episode 88

Transfer Pricing in Post-COVID China: What You Need to Know Now

China was the first country struck by the pandemic, but it was also the first economy to recover. CrossBorder Chief Economist…

Discover what Fiona can do

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