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CrossBorder Solutions has become the largest independent transfer pricing consultancy in the world by relying on powerful technology.  When our software is combined with our worldwide consultants, we are able to provide your company with worldwide penalty protection and also complete insultation from crippling adjustments.

The secret to our success is to produce contemporaneous hyper-localized reports in each and every jurisdiction where your company has operations.

A hyper-localized study includes the following features:

Localized Documentation

Today almost all jurisdictions have their own information requirements. If your local report does not have the required data, it is a quick and easy way for a local examiner to challenge your documentation that will likely result in the threat of penalty and an unwanted adjustment.

Using our software, we guarantee that every piece of required information is contained in each report.

Local Comparable Searches

Unfortunately, regional comparables searches are no longer valid in most countries. If your reports do not employ local, private comparables, it is likely that the resulting economic analysis will be disregarded and your company will face the threat of penalties and costly adjustments.

CrossBorder Solutions uses the same comparable company databases that the local tax authorities employ so that everyone is on the same page.

Localized Economic Analysis

Every jurisdiction has it own economic analysis requirements. For example, some countries require a 3 year interquartile range while others might require 1 year full range.

If the wrong economic analysis is used, the report will be invalid and the local authority will produce its own economic analysis with often negative results. Our software automatically ensures that the economic analysis matches the regulations in the local jurisdiction.

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