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R&D Tax Credits

It’s your money,
keep more of it

Claiming R&D tax credits is a complicated and expensive endeavor. Adhering to different rules in different jurisdictions takes time and money – and if you’re using a traditional accounting firm, well, things just got even pricier. We think you deserve better. See why CrossBorder Solutions’ AI tax suite is the rational approach to claiming R&D tax credits.

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Fiona does the work, you take the credit

Our AI-powered solution, Fiona overcomes the shortfalls of traditional accounting firms and makes claiming R&D tax credits more efficient, accurate, and – crucially – more affordable. The world’s leading AI tax expert, Fiona keeps track of R&D tax credit regulations in 25 countries, more than 30 U.S. states, and all of the Canadian provinces – in other words, every jurisdiction where R&D tax credits are offered. With real-time information, strategic planning, and a few swift clicks, Fiona empowers you to claim every R&D tax credit available to you around the globe.



Better process at a lower cost

Our approach isn’t contingency based, so you don’t have to worry about billable hours. You just pay one flat fee for CrossBorder’s AI powered solution that’s more efficient, more transparent, more accurate and ensures that you keep more of your money.


Hyper-localized studies for maximized credits

Global expertise

It’s challenging to work with other firms in every jurisdiction where you have operations. Contracting local firms is time consuming and expensive. Fiona knows every jurisdiction’s rules and regulations for R&D tax credits inside and out. With that complete understanding, we produce hyper-localized studies for every jurisdiction where you have qualified activities – all in one place and all for one, predictable cost.


Everything Made Easy

So long, spreadsheets!

Who says R&D tax credits have to be a manual process that lives in Excel? Not us. CrossBorder tracks your worldwide tax credits, qualifies projects, produces contemporaneous, localized studies, and keeps them all in a central place. Plus, our incredible automation capabilities mean less time for you and fewer mistakes. Have questions about deadlines? Limitations? Reports? Ask Fiona via Amazon’s Alexa on your Echo Dot, and she’ll answer you on the spot.


Effortlessly claim credits year after year

Automate future calculations

CrossBorder can automatically update your credit calculations each year, so look who’s already ahead on next year’s tax credit – you! Have regulations changed since last year’s deadlines? No worries – CrossBorder can automatically update your credit calculations, adjusting to new forms, deadlines, and limitations, so you stay in compliance with new regulations without even thinking about it.


It’s your money, so why not keep more of it?

Give your bottom line a break and get the credit you deserve.
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