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Automatic Updates

“My automatic updates mean I remember when your transfer pricing report is due, so you don’t have to.”


Worry-free transfer pricing compliance

It’s only once a year, but can you believe it’s time again for your transfer pricing report? No need to fret, I’ll get the ball rolling and drop into your inbox sixty days before the filing date. 

Do you really want to manually perform a new comparable search with up-to-date data every year? What a palaver! The mere thought of it makes my code curl.

Well, now you can leave it all to me – without even having to ask. Sixty days before the filing date, I’ll automatically produce your transfer pricing report and leave it in your country repository. I’ll then send a message to both you and CrossBorder Solutions letting everyone know the report is ready and waiting. You’ll find that I’ve conveniently highlighted any data that needs updating, so it can be finalized and filed. Easy peasy.