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Localized Documentation

“Document details – it almost seems like they’re there to trip you up! Well I’ve got two words for you. Localized documentation.”


Transfer pricing localized documentation made easy peasy

There are 40 countries with different regulations on the information you must include in a local or a master file. Do you know when you need to discuss your value chain? Or when the local file must contain a mini-master file?

If you don’t follow the rules exactly, it’s a green light for adjustments and penalties. What a stitch up. But I’m here to give you a break:

  • I know each country’s transfer pricing requirements in nit-picking detail, covering every item those eagle-eyed examiners are looking for.
  • I can construct a customized compliance workplan covering every jurisdiction where you have operations.
  • I’ve got all the answers to every transfer pricing question you can think of – ask me anything on Echo Dot or give my friends at CrossBorder Solutions a buzz and have a chat.