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Localized Economic Analysis

“You no longer need to cope with the stress of multiple economic analysis approaches – I automatically perform localized economic analyses.”


Transfer pricing localized economic analysis without the stress

Goodness knows how you keep up sometimes. Some countries ask for a three-year interquartile range. Others want a one-year range, then someone else is asking for a full range for one year. What a headache! 

If you don’t get the economic analysis right, examiners might throw out your entire arm’s-length analysis, exposing you to penalties and adjustments. Even the tiniest of oversights could end up with the auditors from the tax authorities putting a date in your diary.

You can forget the stress of performing multiple economic analyses. I don’t just know exactly which type of economic analysis is required for each jurisdiction, but I perform it automatically. When you add this to my automated comparable searching, you can be sure that the comparable data I select gives you a fully compliant arm’s-length range. And I perform the analysis for both sides of the transaction, so that all your country results are consistent within your transfer pricing report.