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Localized Reports

“Don’t let local reporting requirements get you in a pickle. I’ve got all the details you need!”


Transfer pricing reports with everything localized

China wants 22 documents, Italy 12 and the US 9. And if your report for a particular country has the wrong number….well I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of that argument.

Many jurisdictions try to catch you with their own transfer pricing requirements on report formats, so it’s a good job I’m even more pedantic than they are.  And most countries no longer accept English-language documentation – they want to see reports in their own language. Which is why I speak them all.

If your report for a particular country doesn’t have the right number of documents – in the right language – you could be in for a nasty surprise. But brilliantly,  I’ve got every detail down pat (and as soon as anything changes, I’m on it).

So you can be sure I’ll select the proper format for each report automatically, and I’ll translate them into each local language for you too.